Scoopcut is website and a web application developed by ProVibes Shillong, with the goal of promoting independent films and filmmakers in North East India. The website https://scoopcut.com can be visited for renting films and the web application can be installed on laptops, desktops, and mobile devices. An existing Google Account is all that is required to log into the app or website. Once logged in, viewers can browse through the selection of videos, documentaries and films and choose which one they want to watch. When a user rents a movie, they can watch it within 24 hours as many times as they would like.

Scoopcut was developed with the idea of promoting and creating a space for North East films and giving them exposure to a larger audience. It also gives students studying outside the state and professionals working in different parts of the country a slice of home.

The sad state of theatres in the NE especially when it comes to local films, with the exception of Assam, is well known. In Shillong, Meghalaya, only a single theatre regularly screens local films, and it is worse in other states where cinemas are lacking. The vision with Scoopcut is that it creates enough of a market and financial rewards for filmmakers to keep making movies and experiment with content to target different audiences. Scoopcut will hopefully, help raise the standard of quality in film making in the region, create employment opportunities for media students, actors, script writers, etc.

The pandemic has made us realize the convenience and ease of watching films online. Through Scoopcut people can enjoy watching local productions from the comfort of home. The best thing about a Streaming platform is its mobility as through smartphones, we can watch anywhere we go, and anytime we have some free time.

Film producers can contact ProVibes if they want to showcase their films on Scoopcut. Film series of 30 to 40 minutes per episode can also be considered now with the launch of Scoopcut. Documentaries, short films, and music videos can also be uploaded on the platform.